ACAS Early Conciliation

ACAS Early Conciliation Process

Entering into ACAS early conciliation as an employee can be stressful. Before you can bring a claim against your current or former employer, you are required to attempt to commence a process which is known as early conciliation. This process involves speaking to ACAS about the issues or concerns you have which may ultimately form the basis of your claim. ACAS will act as an intermediary between you and your employer in an attempt to negotiate an amicable agreement and to avoid you having to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal.


Once an agreement has been reached, you will usually need to record the agreement in a COT3. This document reflects the terms of the agreement reached including any payment, how much it is and how it is to be paid. COT3 wording also confirms that the claim that is being pursued will not be issued in the Employment Tribunal.

How can we help?

If you have an issue or concern with your employer and you think that you may have a claim, we can provide you with advice on your prospects and next steps. We can then conduct the early conciliation process on your behalf by speaking to ACAS and negotiating the best deal for you.

We are experienced in dealing with the early conciliation process and know how to ensure that we put across the strengths of your potential case to get the best early outcome for you. We can also advise you on any offers made so that you understand the risk of accepting or rejecting an offer and bringing a claim.

Why Evans Lamsley?

Our advice is clear and easy to understand. We will make sure you understand how the early conciliation process works, what your options are, the prospects of bringing a successful claim and the risk and costs of taking the matter further.


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